Visual Editing

I currently work at the Columbia Missourian as the Assistant Director of Photography. Alongside a team of editors, I present visual stories in the best way possible in print, online and on social media. In addition to editing, toning and long-forming daily assignments, I attend newsroom planning and budget meetings so that the collaboration between reporters and photographers runs smoothly. 

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In Print:

After working with photographers to make an edit, I often collaborate with the newsroom's design team to put together a print page. In this role, I decide the front page photo and which photos should be highlighted on the inside page. I love seeing our photographer's work in the paper the next morning.

Video Editing

54 Country

I assisted in the production and edit of this mini-documentary about a dance venue in a neighboring town. I assembled a team of videographers and photographers to help on the project, and I coordinated with the owners of the venue and other participants in the project. I shared my vision with the team and it was fun seeing what they came back with.

I also selected the best clips and soundbites to put together an edit. With help from the Assistant Director of Video, we finished the video and the story went up online and in print.

Waste Management

I edited this video during my internship at Revolve Media in Brussels, Belgium. Revolve is the media agency for an EU-funded project called HOOP, which is committed to local waste management initiatives.

The video is one part of a package I created on the waste management Study Tour, which also included photos and a written story.

Energy and Architectural Retrofit Toolkit

I edited this video for Revolve's HEART project, an EU-funded project on building's energy efficiency.

Social Media


At the photo desk, I've learned how to best present our photographer's work on social media. I usually have to make a tighter edit, select a cover photo and create a caption in regards to the story and photos.

Using Format